October Blog

Welcome to my October blog post. We had such a great start to our new term – lots of faces old and new and the creativity for our ‘Under the Sea’ has been great. And not to forget the Art Club for Adults this term. We’re exploring the theme of different landscapes through ‘Lay of the Land’ through drawing, illustrating and image making. As I’m working online at the moment, we’ll be celebrating the end of the courses through an online exhibition. Once it is safe to do so, I’ll be back in person – I can’t wait.

I’ve been working with Alder Hey Children's Hospital since July to bring creativity to the children and staff. So far, I’ve created bespoke video tutorials for their patients on their hospital channel and I’m currently working on creating an online Introduction to Art course for their staff as part of their wellbeing. I love creating resources and lockdown has enabled me to be creative in a different way. It’s given me a chance to create videos, online resources and courses for all ages.

Halloween Workshop

This month, I have a Zoom Halloween inspired workshop on 4th October, 11-12noon were we’ll be creating Halloween Bunting and a poster. We’ll be getting messy with bright colored paint and card – for ages 8-15, £8 per person / £12 household pass (up to 3 students). Below is an activity for all ages, either as an individual or for all the family, embracing the Autumn season, nature and creativity. Check out my guest post by my art club student Millie – she takes us through her drawing process and is very talented young artist.

Autumn Activity

Aim: To create a seasonal book through drawings, illustrations, writing and images - Autumn Look Book.

Art Materials:

  • A5 sketchbook OR A5 paper with bulldog clip

  • Graphite pencils, coloring pencils

  • Sharpies / felt tips in different colors

  • Watercolor paints, waterbrushes OR paintbrushes

  • Fine liners / biros (black and different colours)

  • Images of Autumn(from a magazine and photos you’re taken)


  • Continuous Line drawing (drawing with a pen / fine liner / sharpie, draw without taking the pen off the page)

  • Pencil Sketches (use broken lines to create quick sketches)

  • Blob drawing (create a random blob / s on a page. Turn it into a drawing)

  • Photography (use your phone, camera or disposable camera to create images of Autumn)

  • Photo / drawing (create an image of half image, half drawing)

Prompts / Ideas

  • You can either create a book individually or collaboratively as a family

  • Record a walk through photographs, drawings and words

  • When you think of Autumn, what comes to mind

  • Select one or a few colours as inspiration and create images related to this colour. For example orange could be pumpkins, clothes, sunsets etc.

  • Daily drawing of your world to record the changing season around you

Guest Art Student Post - Millie Roberts aged 12

Hi! I'm Millie Robert's and I'm 12 years old and attend Art Club. I will be walking you through my creative process of making art. For this, the supplies I use are colored pencils and brown paper.

Before I draw anything I usually find inspiration from something. It mostly comes from tv, magazines, adverts, or Instagram.

Depending on where I get my inspiration from, my second step is finding a reference. This comes from google images or Instagram. It's good to find something that's high quality so you can see all the small details and get an accurate result.

When it comes to my actual drawing, I draw a grid over my reference photo, and then copy the same grid onto my paper. I draw each square as it comes, so I can focus on the details of every small part. After I've got all the basic shapes down, I go in with a clean rubber and rub out the grid so it isn't visible in the final product.