Hello Winter!

Welcome to my November blog post and we are well and truly into Winter. It’s the ideal time to be creative and work on projects which have been on your mind for a while. I know that’s how I feel at the moment. From spending evenings drawing and experimenting with techniques to making Halloween and Christmas Decorations.

This term, we have a new project for Art Club Juniors (Age 6-10) / Art Club (Age 11-15) and Art Club for Adults. Our theme is… ‘Illustrate the word’. From music and poetry to conversations and stories, we’ll be bringing them to visual life through different materials and techniques. Each course comes with a weekly interactive Zoom session, access to online resources and inspiration and at the end of each course, we’ll celebrate with an online exhibition. My next Sunday Art Session is on 8th November and we’ll be creating a comic book page inspired by word play. And if you can’t make the Zoom sessions, I have Daily Drawing courses with pre-recorded video tutorials to get you drawing again on my website www.outlinearts.co.uk

Last month, I had the pleasure of creating an online course for the hard-working staff of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Together with the Arts Co-Ordinator, we decided on a flexible format with two aims – 1. being to encourage people to be creative and to switch off and 2. have a format which can be done any time to suit the individual. So I created an Introduction to Drawing as part of their wellbeing programme and its had such a positive start, I can’t wait to see what they create. The course is free for all staff at Alder Hey so if you work there or know someone who does, feel free to join in. And this month I have my Art Club student Billie who has written a great post on fashion.

Activity – Photo story book with characters

This is a great way to use your imagination and create a story.

Select an object or toy to be your main character

  • Create a story with a beginning, middle and end. Include something exciting or funny in the story around your main character

  • On an A4 piece of paper, landscape way, draw 8 square boxes so they nearly fill the page with a small border around each one. This is your storyboard.

  • Use the 8 squares to highlight the key events in the story through drawing and selected words.

  • Use photography or collage to create the story with a minimum of 10 images. Using the object / toy as your main character, create images to tell the story. Place them in different locations, add props, speech bubbles, anything you like to bring the story to life.

  • Save the images in one folder OR print off the images and put them together in a story book.

Guest Blog post – Billie Clark-Monaghan 13

In fashion design there are many different styles and desires. There are so many upcoming trends that a fashion designer would have to look out for. Many designers will look at different social media to see what upcoming trends are and what people are looking for in clothes for the next season, as consumers don’t want to buy something that has gone out of fashion. Designers don’t want to spend time on something that won’t sell.

Some clothes would appear to have taken minutes to make of it is just a plain t shirt with a certain colour. However, a lot more work than you might think goes into creating a piece of clothing that you will wear in your everyday life. They will have to think about fabric, the correct shade so it will sell, flattering colours and flattering shapes. A designer will have to work out the sizes they would like to make and what fabric works best.

Some of the most famous fashion designers are Coco channel, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen. These names are known all around the word for there different and popular styles. These brands have created and followed many trends.

Pieces from these designers can be very expensive so are usually used as statement pieces. These brands are identified as designer because of their high prices and popularity.