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Autumn Term Art Classes Are Back!

Welcome back to my monthly blog, I hope you are all safe and well. After a short summer break, I'm returning with my art courses and workshops for children and adults. For the autumn term I'll continue to teach my classes online via Zoom and alongside resources. While it has been an adjustment moving from the studio to online, I've enjoyed witnessing how my students have embraced online classes. It has not impeded your creative talents one bit. That being said, I look forward to meeting you all in the studio again in the future. You can check out the amazing work my students have produced on my social media. We've adapted together and come up with creative ways to continue our joy for making art online.


Art Club Juniors (Age 6-10)

Saturday, 5th September (6 weeks block of classes)

@ 1:00pm > 1.45pm

Theme - ’Under The Sea’

Art Club (Age 11-15)

Saturday, 5th September (6 week block of classes)

@ 2:00pm > 2.45pm

Theme - ’Under The Sea’

After School Art Club (Age 6-11)

Tuesday, 8th September (6 week block of classes)

@ 4:15pm > -5:00pm

Theme - ’Under The Sea’

Full Course Price: £30 / £10 per additional sibling

Sunday Art Session (Age 8-15)

Sunday,6th September

@ 11:00am > 12:00pm

Bugs and Butterflies Illustration Workshop

Workshop Price: £8

£12 household pass (max 3 students from one household)


Art Club for Adults

Monday, September 7th(6 week block of classes)

@ 8:00PM > 8.45pm

Theme - ‘Lay of the Land’. Exploring different types of landscapes through drawing, illustrations and mixed media.


And I'm so excited to be part of 'The Big Draw' with the theme of climate change this year. This is a drawing festival based in the UK and with events taking place all over the world. From individual artists to national galleries, you can run an event which relates to the theme and promotes visual literacy. As the theme is climate change, I'll be running workshops illustrating Bugs and Butterflies, recycled artwork and much more for my Sunday Art Sessions. My Children's Art Club will be inspired by the theme ‘Under the Sea’. Keep updated on all of my news and events on Instagram and Facebook @outlineartsuk. For this post, I thought it would be great to share an activity as part of the Big Draw.

Using art as a way to communicate the effects of climate change has increased dramatically over the last few years. It is seen as a way to visually show the effects of climate change, how we feel about it and what we can do. For this activity, you will create a piece of artwork which represents one of the following

  • Save the Turtles

  • Bees

  • Plant more Trees

This could be on paper, an installation, a sculpture, anything you like which represents your idea. If possible, reuse objects or materials from your home. Anything from your recycling works well such as card, plastic etc. Try and find items which relate to your ideas. Below are a few examples of artwork created during my Art Club and workshops.


1. Decide on one of the topics above.

2. Research the topic for inspiration and facts to help inspire you and generate ideas.

3. Sketch and draw your ideas down first. This is a great way to transfer your ideas from your head, to your hands, to paper.

4. Select the materials you would like to use for your artwork. You can create a sample sheet and experiment with ideas first. This is a great way to test what will work, give you ideas as you create and change things if need be.

5. Create your artwork.

6. Display in your window to promote the cause. Share with family and friends too.

Don't forget to tag @outlineartsuk and @thebigdraw on Instagram and Facebook with the artwork. We love seeing what you create, especially when it's for a good cause.