Hello and welcome to my November blog post. Halloween has been and gone and the winter nights are setting in. I love the cosy evenings and rainy afternoons - ideal creative weather. If you're looking for the ideal gift for a young creative this Christmas, I have lovely Art Club t-shirts and sweatshirts (grey and white), Art Tote bags, A5 sketchbooks and gift vouchers for Art Club and my monthly workshops. All details are in my online shop.

With Christmas on the horizon, I have lots of festive workshops for all ages. My Art Club is back for this term from 9th November and we’ll be running two projects - 'A world of your own’ and 'The lay of the land’. Both Art Clubs are fully booked so I'm looking forward to lots of imagination and creative experiments.

Dates for your diary 24th November, 10-11am, Outline Arts studio Free Art session to create artwork for exhibition

Open studio session to create postcard art for our Children’s Winter Art Exhibition in aid of Claire House Children’s Hospice. Our theme this year is ‘Christmas Fayre'. In collaboration with Chef De Party ( cookery school for children) we’ll be illustrating gorgeous festive goodies. Free and for ages 3+. 1st December, 10.45-12.15, Outline Arts Studio Christmas Monthly Workshop

Come and join me for a festive workshop were you’ll be illustrating your individual Christmas theme for a glass jar Lantern, pack of 5 Christmas cards and envelopes and brown wrapping paper. We’ll spend a festive 90 minutes creating beautifully illustrated, eco friendly, Christmas products.£12 per person for ages 7-14. Booking required.

7th December, 10-11am, Formby Pool Children’s Winter Art Exhibition in aid of Claire House

Outline Arts in collaboration with Chef de Party are having a Children's Winter Art Exhibition and the theme is 'Christmas Fayre’. We'll be exhibiting the postcard size Illustrations and all artworks are for sale. All proceeds will go to Claire House Children's Hospice.

8th December, 10-11am, Riva Lounge, Formby

Family Christmas Session

Come and join me for a make and take session for all the family. Choose from glass jar lanterns, cards and wrapping paper and Christmas bunting. £5 per pack or 3 for £12. Hot drink and cake special available at Riva Lounge.

To book, contact Jennie on 07706 115436.

How to...Draw on the go The best way to learn how to draw is observational drawing. To have the time and space to observe your surroundings, people and still life is so important to fully engage with your drawing, be in the zone and lose yourself in creating images. It’s also a great form of meditation. For this how to post, I’m going to chat a little bit about observational drawing with techniques, tools and prompts. Let’s start with a tool kit for drawing on the go What to use A5/ A4 sketchbook is ideal as it’s easier to carry around 3/4 different graphite pencils Watercolour pencils 2-3 Waterbrushes Fine liners ( Black and colour) Rubber Sharpener Washi tape What to draw Once you have to your materials ready, decide on what you’ll be drawing. You could Set up still life at home ( different objects, flowers, food, objects which represent you and your home) Draw different rooms in your home Draw your garden ( you can be inside or outside) Draw people you live with ( either posed or while their watching T.V, doing an activity) Draw out of your window Sit in a cafe, draw the people in there Go to your favourite place and draw your surroundings - park, woods, lake, beach Visit a gallery and take in the artwork and then sit and draw it / it's surroundings Anywhere that’s busy with people - train stations, bus stops, airports, shops

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Once your ready, try Draw the same thing with different materials ( graphite pencils, colouring pencils, black fine liners, colour fine liners, watercolours, combination of materials) Time your drawings ( either with a timer, or retrospectively) Draw with limited lines ( start with drawing only using 20 lines, then 10, then 5) Making a start is always the hardest thing, but if you can do it regularly, with someone or just combining time in your favourite place with drawing, then you will start to see the many benefits of drawing and being creative. If your based in Liverpool, Urban Sketchers is a great place to start. Each month, they meet in different places around the city and explore an area through drawing. It’s ideal for people of all ages and abilities and it’s free. From personal experience, it’s a great motivational group and helps you get started. It’s run by expert tutors and knowledgeable artists and I can highly recommend it. To see what they’re all about, head over to their Facebook page Indoors or outdoors, sketching or watercolours, spending time drawing is a great way to switch off, be creative and be present. Enjoy!



I’m Josie.Today i’m going to be talking about art and specifically doodling.I think art is a great way to express your feelings because you don’t have to be good at it and you can draw anything you want to.I personally don’t mind what other people think about my way of drawing or painting as long as i’m proud of it that’s all that matters.


A doodle is a type of artwork that normally you can’t understand because you haven’t tried to draw anything specific and you don’t really know what to draw at that moment.Although you might not be able to understand what it is you could call it abstract art or shapes.I like to doodle because it is very therapeutic for the mind and is also fun because you’re not copying other peoples art you’re doing your own and its nice not to have the boundaries in art sometimes and be able to run free with ideas through your heart and mind.


Doodling sometimes helps people concentrate more on other things.It also helps to relieve stress in a positive way.Sometimes if i am bored or annoyed i think drawing is the best way to distract my mind off all of those hard times in life.


1) Doodling helps encourage creativity.

2)It can help you concentrate more.

3)It keeps your mind entertained.

4)Doodling relaxes your mind and body.

5)You learn from doodling.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about doodling, what it is and why we doodle.I hope you learned something new about art today thank you again

from Josie.